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Accelerated, Aligned Digital Product Development

WestLink’s approach to innovation helps businesses secure organizational alignment and move quickly from strategy to execution. Using both proprietary and industry-established frameworks, we employ user-centric, effective methods to achieve business goals.

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What is an innovation sprint?

An innovation sprint is a focused, time-bound process used to develop and test new ideas or solve specific problems quickly and efficiently. Typically lasting from a few days to a week, an innovation sprint leverages cross-functional expertise and agile methodologies to transform an innovative idea into a tested and validated prototype and proof of concept within a tight timeline. 

WestLink’s innovation sprints are designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and rapid iteration, enabling teams to swiftly and effectively validate the core functionalities of new technologies or ideas, minimizing risks and accelerating decision making.

How it works

15 days
Time and materials, varies based on complexity
1. Ideate
Brainstorming and refining the concept
1-3 Days
2. Prototype
Creating a functional prototype to embody the concept
1 Week
3. Test
Validating the prototype with target users to ensure it meets the necessary criteria
~5 Days

Benefits of an innovation sprint

Validates technical feasibility, product viability and market interest before full-scale development
Addresses potential issues early in the development process
Empowers better decision-making with concrete data from real users
Helps secure stakeholder and investor buy-in with demonstrable proof
Serves as a clear roadmap for subsequent product development stages
Minimizes financial risk of investment in non-viable ideas
Ensures resources are allocated to ideas with proven potential

Turning Your Concepts Into Digital Realities

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What is a design sprint?

Design sprints are a structured framework for rapid ideation, prototyping, and user testing within a condensed time frame. This method allows for thorough exploration and validation of product concepts, market needs, and user personas before development begins. By ensuring the product meets both user needs and business goals, design sprints minimize risks and accelerate time-to-market, ultimately leading to a market-ready product.

Leveraging our Advanced Discovery process—our most comprehensive discovery approach—we deliver a functional, yet minimal viable product (MVP) featuring the essential functionalities that early adopters will use and love.

How it works

100 days
Time and materials, varies based on complexity
1. Advanced Discovery
In-depth analysis of market needs and user personas
2 weeks
2. Design
Crafting the user experience and interface
1-2 weeks
3. Estimation
Detailed planning of the development timeline and costs
1 week
4. Development
Coding and implementing the product
5. User Acceptance Testing
Verifying the product meets user requirements
1 week
6. MVP Launch
Deploying the MVP to the market
~100 days

Benefits of a Design Sprint

Builds a solid foundation for your product with validated customer needs
Maximizes product-market fit, enhancing the potential for success
Designed with the end-user in mind, enhancing satisfaction and adoption rates
Reduces the risk of costly changes and pivots in later stages of product development
Aligns with your business goals, providing a strong foundation for future growth and development

Leading Digital Innovation From Ideation To Execution

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Leading Digital Innovation From Ideation To Execution

Client Testimonials

Citizen Watch Company

The Westlink team is easy to work with, flexible and responsible. They are focused on getting the task completed and understand budget and timelines. We couldn’t ask for a better company to work on our project.

Spray Valet

Our clients love our app! We now have the ability to scale to the size we want with technology and marketing that supports this growth.


WestLink built us a fully functioning, dynamic, beautiful site that is easy to update and adjustable when needed. WestLink is knowledgeable, efficient, and fun to work with.


I was satisfied with WestLink’s work — they were great! We have about 4,600 customers using our app. Although we found a few bugs during the testing phase that they fixed, there were none once we launched the app.

True Spec Golf

They’re wonderful to work with and were extremely helpful. I would go as far to say they are experts in their field. We are privileged to have their assistance on a regular basis.


The team was really dynamic and scaled up as we needed. We were happy with everything, no critiques.

ClinOne, Inc.

I have always been impressed with WestLink’s approach to communication. They integrate into your team and truly feel like augmented staff.

Dermeleve Advanced Derm Solutions LLC

They are very flexible in the manner in which they work. They are accurate and professional in presenting timelines and budgets, but also were able to switch to an ad-hoc basis as needed which is really helpful for us.

MAX Sports Health

WestLink has a very agile team. They’re able to understand how something is supposed to be done, and they can execute that from start to finish.

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WestLink designs and develops scalable software systems that are robust enough to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. 

Our team of experienced UX designers and engineers work with our clients to realize their vision by providing high-quality software innovation, design, and development services.

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